Day Off or Off Day?

I rarely get a chance to go away without my kids.  Coming from someone who as a high-schooler and college gal would seek out hours of alone time, this has been a major wife/mom/homeschooler adjustment.  My husband, John, has graciously taken on 2 jobs in order to keep me home with the kids.  This was not an easy or lightly taken decision, but being the primary disciple-er of my children was a call I could not escape, and believe me, I tried.  Due to my husband’s schedule and a tight budget preventing frequent babysitters, alone time is a luxury.  I usually spend the first hour of it thinking of all the errands, busy work, chores and non-fun stuff that fill my general days.  Sometimes I cave…and spend my day off (usually just a few hours) doing things that don’t rest me.  Then my day off becomes an off day.  I get grouchy and irritated because in the end, I didn’t redeem my time to allow the quietness and pursuit of simple pleasures un-interrupted rejuvenate and revive my spirit.  So, I have chosen to spend such moments at my local library.  The fun places to chill (i.e. Starbucks, Panera) are all located in hubs of shops that remind me of all my chores and errands.  Here, amongst books that are my friends, is solitude, and no temptation for either a 4$ coffee or places to shop.  What are some of your favorite day off locations?  And for the mom or dad reading, or anyone burning the candle at both ends…be encouraged to take a bit of time alone and recharge.

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