It’s always a surprise…

It’s always a surprise when I do something right in the kitchen.  I mean, if anyone can mess up a recipe, it’s me.  The more ingredients finely measured, the more lazy I get.  A teaspoon is a splash, a tablespoon is a bigger splash.  I laughed out loud one day reading the bag to my flour on how to appropriately measure it in a cup.  You mean you don’t just fill it?  True artists in the kitchen are having a fit right now and they are probably right to do so.  I’m just not one of them.  So when I find something that works and (gasp!) tastes good, there’s a little happy dance happening in my kitchen.

That little dance happened this morning over my crockpot chicken carcass.  I made a whole crockpot chicken last night for dinner, and boy, my house smelled amazing all day.  You can find the recipe here.  Lisa mentions how from this amazing recipe you can easily make your own chicken stock.  No offense to her, but I eyed “easy” with a sceptic’s heart.  Yeah right.  So, I hastily threw that idea out the window.  Until I saw all the bubbling juices from my whole chicken that would be wasted if I just threw it out.  Until I looked in my pantry and saw my lack of chicken stock woefully low due to an infrequent BOGO sale cycle at my grocery store.  Ok, maybe I can do this.

I glanced at Lisa’s link to make the stock, and noticed she does say you don’t need everything on the recipe list.  Well, that’s good, I don’t have it all.  So, I try it.  All night I have all the leftover chicken remains bubbling in that crockpot.  This is what I woke up to. 

I confess, my first thought was blech.  That didn’t work!  But, wanting to see it to completion, I continued with the straining process (actually easy) while the kids were doing their handwriting for the day.  This is what I got. Now, the darkness of this broth had me worried.  All my broths are well, store-bought liquids or little cubes of powder.  Real stuff has never been made by me.  I taste test.  Oh. My. Goodness. Yeah.  Even without all the celery and several herbs not frequently in my pantry, it was good.  Rich.  I’m sure the store-bought kinds with ultra low-fat/low salt is way better for you, but this stuff will kick up the flavor in anything.  I promptly froze it all to use in my up coming monthly cook day.  So thanks, Lisa, for a great recipe!  It’s on my favorites list now and I don’t need to worry so much about my lack of stock BOGOs.

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