My conversational piece

I’m sure you have one in your house too.  Something unique or antique, modern or fresh that gets guests to say “Wow, that’s cool! Where’d you get it?”  I wish I could say mine was intentional.  It was really just something to fill a very large wall and make my husband happy.  But anyone who comes over asks to hear the story of how and why we have an old bike on our wall.

It began as a desire to do something nice for John.  When we got married, he said I could have free reign in decorating the house but the garage was his.  Fair enough.  That garage is now the home of his bicycle graveyard.  As an avid rider (road, mountain, trials), he is constantly grabbing free bikes, cannibalizing parts or rebuilding them and selling them so he can buy the good stuff for one of his.  The graveyard’s less populated right now but he averages a good 10-15 bikes in there.  I wanted to somehow bring his love of bikes into our decor.  Several years back, Pottery Barn had the perfect picture…a 3 panelled painted tandem bike.  Perfect!  And then I saw the price tag.  Even without kids at that time it was definitely not feasible.  So I asked him if there was any way to hang a real one on the wall.  Again, Mr. Fix-It can do all.  So, I started browsing Craigslist for old, cool looking bikes.  This was a steal at 40$.  John wasn’t too sure about having it on there but he humored me.  Once there, he liked it.  I loved it.  But we are both self-professed nerds so I figured people would just laugh at it when they came over.  And maybe they do, when they go home.  But here, in my house, it’s my un-intentional conversation piece.


2 thoughts on “My conversational piece

  1. Brittany says:

    Gotta say… it’s never made me laugh. It’s what makes a normal house… The House of John Ruff! I’m intimidated by my walls so they’re still blank after 10 years!

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