Sugar-Coated Air

When I finished high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of Florida.  I ran away to a little town in Alabama for college.  University of West Alabama.  I was originally there for their wonderful Marine Biology program (you get to study on an island lab, how cool).  Of course it all changed through my years there…I ended up a Chemistry major and then went back for Nursing.  But one of the things ‘Bama introduced me to was….Krispy Kreme.  Tuscaloosa was less than an hour away and they would flash that sign and you knew hot, gooey goodness was calling you.  We had nothing like it where we lived in Florida.  I took my parents once when they visited…I think the 3 of us devoured 2 dozen hot ones that morning.  Because, as my mom so aptly put it, it’s like eating sugar-coated air!  Hot, sweet, sticky and they melt in your mouth.  Best ever.

As I would make my 12 hour drive home during the holidays, I’d stop by the last one on my route near the Bama/Florida border to grab a dozen for her.  A full dozen never really made it home, but I can’t be held accountable.  Even half a day old they were still the best donuts.  So when I stumbled across this recipe, I knew I had to try it.  I had been looking for a cupcake/muffin recipe for my daughter’s pool birthday party and these just looked perfect.  And if it’s anything close to Krispy Kreme, sign me up.  So, I made my sample batch this morning with the help of my kids.

We dyed our glaze blue for fun.  And of course, we double dipped like Jamie did because it just should be.  The kids and I loved them.  The muffin part was that cinnamon-y flavor and texture of a cake donut.  Not too sweet which made the glaze all the more yummy.  Was it Krispy Kreme?  No.  But neither was it deep-fried and drenched in obscene amounts of glaze (if you’ve seen them made, you know what I’m talking about).  Did it taste like a donut?  Yeah.  So, count Sabrina’s pool party cupcakes a success!  And I can’t be held accountable if I eat 2 or 3…


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