Meet Jake: The Red Bull Baby

 Meet my Jake.  Otherwise known as Jake the Snake.  John calls him our “Red Bull Baby”.  As an avid coffee drinker, pregnancy was difficult without caffeine.  As a nurse, I knew all the limitations and possible risks with it so for my first 2 pregnancies, I limited my caffeine to 2-3rd trimesters with my doctor’s approval. But a sensitive nose and stomach meant I couldn’t smell coffee being brewed through-out my pregnancies.  So if I treated myself, it was iced coffees from Dunkin’s or Starbucks.  But, Jake, he was different.After that first trimester, chasing a 4-year-old and a 1 year old…I was in desperate need of caffeine.  And after the size of my other 2 at birth (9 pounder at term and an 8 pounder a week early), I was far less concerned about any potential drop in birth weight.    So once I got caffeine clearance; I sent out hubby for Red Bulls.  I would have half of one most days.  At least, that is what I remember.  When I say that, John laughs and swears it was more than that.  Regardless, Jake was and is my Red Bull Baby.  This kid is more intense than anyone other kid I know.  He climbed on my kitchen table before he could walk.  At 4 (in 2 weeks), he weighs 40 lbs and is almost as tall as his older brother.  And he gave up naps far faster than any of my others.  BUT, when he does need one…because Red Bull Babies eventually crash…he crashes ANYWHERE.  And nothing can get him up.  


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