It’s the bubba man!

Continuing with the introductions to my family, I wanted you to meet my Chubba Bubba.  Now, before well-intentioned mothers tell me how harsh that nick name is…it has shortened over the years to just Bubba.  But, when Isaac was little, he really was a Chubba Bubba.  

If I can place this picture correctly, he’s about 6 months here.  And the shirt does fit him, he just drank so much milk his gut stuck out.  This kid was downing 8 oz of formula after 1 month.  The lactation consultant’s eyes got HUGE when I told her how much he was eating (because my body couldn’t keep up).  I walked away with a sigh of relief and promptly started getting formula.  But, this chunky monkey grew up.  Into my  string bean!  He still eats like a pig on all his favorite foods and if it’s spaghetti night his belly will blow out like a hot air balloon just like it did on milk.  And, luckily, at 5, when I wrestle him and call him my Bubba Chubba…he just laughs and pushes his nose on mine until I squeal.  I know one day he’s going to ask me not to say it, but until then I will not waste any chance.


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