A tiny fish-wish

As the grand finale to introductions, I left my first for last.  My princess girly.  She is deeply treasured (and alone) on my side of the family as the only girl grandchild.  Luckily, my husband’s family is huge and they have girls so she isn’t entirely alone.  But, she was my first, and my biggest baby.  A whopping 9lbs 4oz.  She had chubby rolls on her thighs at delivery!  And boy, was she mad at being made to come out.  She had the most pissed off kid cry I had ever heard.  Being the loving wife I am in that moment, I casually told John…Oh honey, she has your temper! Graciously he ignored it since I was pumped full of drugs and couldn’t feel from the ribs down.

She ended up being “Fishy” or our “Little Fish Wish” because of her lips.  They would remind us of fish-face lips, especially when you started making a bottle in front of her.  And when she got ahold of it…man could she chug.  I never realized for months that most babies take 20-30 minutes to drink a bottle.  Her’s was done in 5 minutes flat.

She’s changed a lot over the years; almost 8.  I can’t get away with calling her fishy or fish wish much so I’ve been calling her my girly.  She loves hot pink, sparkles, ponies, and dress up.  And she can climb a tree to the tippy top or put on rain boots and go jump in puddles.  And she still has her temper.


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