Embrace moments of chaos

I’m kinda OCD.  I have 3 little kids but if there are crumbs on my floor it’s like I can’t even see that the rest of the house is clean…those crumbs are all I see.  I’m getting better; having kids and a “throw-your-clothes-anywhere” kind of husband will do that to you over the years.  In fact, I purposely positioned our bed so there’s a whole aisle of space on his side that no one can see from the bedroom door just so he had a place to throw them.

I’m also really anal about stuff.  I don’t merely want my ducks in a row…I want to know their names and have them ordered by size and alphabetically as a sub-category.  I have a hard time not having a plan.  But, again, because there are no plans that come with kids, I’m getting better at it too.

So, can I tell you what has me braced on the precipice of massive OCD/ANAL freak-out? My approaching week.  Monday thru Friday not only do I have VBS and am IN VBS but I have no clue what I’m doing in it!!  It’s supposed to be that way since is a whole super secret spy kinda thing.  In addition to that I am planning Sabrina and Jacob’s birthday party the same weekend we finish VBS.  With a head count of approximately 50…I’ve got a lot of snack making, cake baking and planning.  And because that wasn’t enough for my plate this week, the last day of VBS is my bulk meat Zaycon Foods only pick up day.  So that Friday will be a 3 and a half hour round trip drive to get my bulk meat at 7:30 am to try to get back home, throw the meat in the fridge and run with my kids to VBS.  And then since I will have 40 lbs of un-cooked, non-frozen chicken in my fridge, between last-minute baking for the party, I will be having my “once a month” cooking day.

So if I miss a day on my blog this week, just know I’m out chasing ducks.  And trying to embrace these moments of chaos.


3 thoughts on “Embrace moments of chaos

  1. Hmmm. That sent before I wanted it to.

    You can prep other things throughout the week. Chop your veggies, ready your sauces and portion into their bags, just add the meat on Friday.

    I know that some baking mixes can be prepared in advance too. Either keep in freezer or fridge til needed. I love keeping cookie dough balls in the freezer for an easy 2-4 cookie batch whenever I want.

    Most times you can’t do a full project too far in advance but there are parts of the project that you can and it will streamline things later.

    You can do this! You’re super mom!

  2. Weird. I must have deleted the beginning when I thought I sent it.

    Mostly it said, good luck! Good luck! Good luck! You might not know what to expect at vbs but you know the hours and you can plan when you’ll be home to prep for other things!!!!

    You got this!

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