80 pounds of meat

Yeah.  Have you ever seen 80 pounds of meat?  Me neither.  Yet, that is what I ordered for the first time through Zaycon Foods.  I ordered 40 lbs. of chicken breast and 40 lbs. of lean ground beef, of that beef I am only keeping 10 lbs. for my family.  But, man, that’s a lot of meat!  I wasn’t prepared for the length and width of the meat tubes (not to gross you out or anything, it’s just how ground beef is packaged).  They were considerably larger than the width of my fridge.  So my boxes of meat like this





caused my fridge to look like this.

Thankfully I was able to close the door to the fridge and continue on my mad dash to the last day of VBS.  Then I went delivering beef to the other families I split the order with.

I will spend Saturday cooking, bagging and freezing most of this to place in my near bare freezer so meat shopping and cooking will be off my list for a few months!  I will also be cooking and decorating cakes for my kids’ birthday party taking place on Sunday after church, so I will be taking the weekend off from writing to prepare for my first little bit of family time in a week.  I’m sure you all understand.  In the meantime, what would you do with 80 lbs. of meat?


4 thoughts on “80 pounds of meat

  1. Cool! Those tubes look like what I can pick up in BJ’s. Lately, with ground beef prices near $4 a pound, I’ve been looking for cheap roasts and grinding the meat myself. It only takes me 30 minutes to chop and grind a 5-6 pound roast. Nic hates it when I buy the store ground beef because when I do it, it’s leaner, less watery, doesn’t have any fillers and tastes so much better! I’m surprised to see that you’re only keeping 10 pounds of that. And that only 10 pounds would keep your family fed for a few weeks. I guess we are big meat eaters. I was recently offered a 1/4 cow and wanted to jump all over it! With our impending move on the horizon not yet scheduled, I thought it’d be a risky buy. 😦 I’ll dive into that venture when I get back there I guess. I found an awesome book to help me along the way too. The Whole Beast Butchery.

    I look forward to seeing what you’re doing with all that meat and the freezer meals you pick.

    I can’t wait to see your pretty face and hug your neck.

    • Yeah, we are predominately chicken eaters! I love steaks but the deals have been poor lately so I’m going to be looking into the cow thing if there are any local!
      I can’t wait to see you and your munchkins!!

      • My searches the other day turned up this place in central Florida. http://www.localharvest.org/florida-fresh-meat-company-florida-glatt-kosher-meats-M33402 they are organic and grass fed. 2 of my criteria! Unfortunately, considering the highest price and lowest possible poundage, it caps out at nearly $10 a pound. Not exactly affordable. Back to the drawing board. As for chickens, I’d be willing to raise my own. I would love a coop in the backyard. Meat birds can be ready in 12 weeks from hatchling and there’s a company in Miami to do the butchering. A little far. There’s gotta be someone in Labelle at least.

      • Yikes! That’s pricey and far! Have you looked at Zaycon Foods? The stuff I got is really great and prices are good. I don’t think the cows are grass fed but its good quality, lean meat that isn’t saturated in ammonia or citric acid. And no hormones. I’m anxious to see how long this batch lasts. Could be quite economical for us!!

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