You call it chaos…

My mother-in-law found this at a local store this weekend.  It is very apt to our family.  Well, the one I married into.  See, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is the family I married into (on a slightly lesser scale; my mother in law is greek, my father in law is not).  But John’s the only boy of 4 sisters; he has 16 aunts and uncles, and 19 first cousins.  And all the sisters and us have our own kids.  So when the family gets together, even half of us…it’s overwhelming.  My family is the “dry toast” family.  My parents live near me and I have 1 brother who has a wife and 2 boys in Texas.  I have 8 aunts and uncles in Colorado and Kentucky, and it’s probably been greater than 10 years since I’ve seen any cousins on any scale.  I don’t even think I know who all of them are.  We were always the ones who moved away from everyone else so we don’t know anyone any more.  So big family stuff never happened in my house.  Not for John.   My mother-in-law has had more than 45 people in her 1600 sq ft home.  I journeyed into the craziness with 25 people in my home for the kids’ birthday party after the pool plans got rained out.  I survived.  But every year I am in this wonderful, crazy, loud RUFF family, I can tolerate more and more noise, chaos and impromptu get-togethers.  So it’s quite possible that in another 10 years, some poor boy interested in my daughter will be saying that we’re the crazy ones.  And that might be a good thing.


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