Rain + Boots = Fun

We’ve been having an unusually rainy rain season here.  South Florida typically gets an afternoon thunderstorm lasting about 30 minutes before moving on but so far this summer we’ve had hours of rain dumped on us daily, a tropical depression staled out off the coast dumping an amazing 4 days of constant heavy rain, not to mention the lightning and thunder that terrifies my children and dog alike.  Which is all amazing since I just found out half the country is in drought!  Obviously, not my half on the country.  But my half right now isn’t growing many crops.  It’s not our season for most of it with the soggy ground.  In fact, the only good thing we can do here with the soggy ground is jump in it.  So, after our deep soaking today we took our rain boots and did what my kids love to do.  Jump in puddles.  

We had a great time walking around our neighborhood park following the ditches deep in water.  My children don’t really understand that the boots are to keep you dry.  They barrel through them getting the insides of their boots full of water.  But, it at least saves their regular shoes.

On the back side of the park we decided to do our civic duty to the city and utilized our extra stomping power to smoosh mushrooms growing in the soccer field.

Our wet season will end in another month or two and we will put away the rain boots for another year.  But until that time, we’ll be out in the mud.  And hopefully, so will the rest of the nation in the next few days.



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