Fiction Junkie

I have a decided weakness for a good story.  Be it mystery, science fiction, fantasy, adventure or a historical romance (less romance, more historical) I love them all.  I wish I loved non-fiction more than I do, but that has always been more challenging for me to read.  Fiction is my television, my movie, my escape.  While many are watching their latest favorite show, I’m curled up with a book to the wee hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, I obsess about my books.  I’m not some casual observer of the fictional story, I’m a key player fighting the dragon, talking to elves or insulting Mr. Darcy.  I will freely give up sleep, food, and all general chores in order to find out what happens next. I confess, this is not a good thing.  I am trying to curb this obsession with the fictional world as much as I can by limiting the number of books I’m reading, reading them after the relative end of my day, and attempting to balance them out with a non-fiction chapter or two.  Because I will forget to bathe myself, go get groceries, feed my kids and educate them if I don’t.  Years ago, when I read the Twilight Series (yes, I’m one of those) I spent 3 days in a book buffet and I’m ashamed to say my kids ate mostly peanut butter sandwiches and I don’t think I spoke more than 5 words to my spouse.

I secretly am jealous of people who have a similar passion for non-fiction.  I know.  I’m confessing sin here.  But I know people who read non-fiction with the same drive and devotion as I do fiction and I wish I had it.  There is much to learn from non-fiction, biographies and histories, but it just doesn’t grab my attention.  That kind of reading for me is a chore, but one I endeavor to do because it trains my mind to think in ways that many fictions don’t.  I mean, no one is really worried about the human to dragon relationships in the world.  And yes, I know choosing what non-fiction to read and be influenced by is important but as a general observation, many who are lovers of non-fiction have a greater discipline in their mind to think and apply principles to their own lives. Of course, there are good fiction books out there that can do the same thing if you choose to think deeper than the story.  But most of the time it’s an entertainment form.

I know that as time goes by and the grace of God works more in my life this obsession will lessen as I practice a more temperate approach to my book reading.  But until then, my name is Leia and I’m a fiction junkie.  


3 thoughts on “Fiction Junkie

    • Yeah, but so far it’s been my observation that you do read significantly more non-fiction than I do. So are you a lover of both? Or just farther along in the process of applying diligence! 😉

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