Out of my technology realm…

Okay…I could use some help.  I just recently dived off the 10 ft diving board into the world of the Apple iPad to be utilized mainly for homeschooling purposes.  But…have you checked out all the education apps?  I’m in a state of overwhelm-ness (yes, I create words for my writing purposes; don’t you?).  

So, quite simply, I need some input!  I’m not overly eager to spend any great amount on apps after dishing out a large chunk of change for the device, but many are inexpensive or free.   If you have or know of some great apps, specific for homeschooling or school classes (writing tools, math facts, science quizzes etc) and any productivity apps that may be helpful to keep MOM on task and organized, I would love for you to tip me off to their names and maybe a quick line on why you love it?  This will be a great help for me and my kids will thank you for it since we all know school-work on a computer or device is infinitely more appealing than a pen and a piece of paper (although we do that too).

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