True Woman

What is it to be a true woman of God?  What lies have we, as women, believed and bought thinking that this is the right way, only to find ourselves exhausted, miserable, lonely and empty?  And how much of what we do know can be re-traced back to Scripture, solidifying for us a true biblical view?  

Join me in finding out.  Amazon is having a sale right now on Nancy Leigh Demoss’ Becoming God’s True Woman, the Kindle edition being only $2.99.  Don’t have a Kindle?  If you have a Mac computer or an Iphone, there’s a free app for Kindle.  There’s also one for Android phones.

Starting August 13th I will be posting observations on a chapter each week.  I’m not a scholar, or a theologian but a simple woman seeking truth.  Perhaps you have been disillusioned in the chase after careers, marriages, children, church, and various extra-curricular activities.  Maybe this will help weed out the wrong messages and nail down to a firm foundation the right ones.  Let’s learn and share it together.


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