Epic kitchen fail

This is exactly what my first loaf of bread did not look like.  Epic kitchen fail.  I make a good crusty round bread, but it requires no finesse so of course, I can make it.  This was my husband’s requested sandwich bread; it does require finesse and I failed.  It was dense, hard and generally tasted of cardboard.  I’m in the process of repeating the recipe.  This time I proofed the yeast to ensure it was active and still I’m thinking the dough is not right.  The recipe says it’s to be smooth and stretchy and I don’t think I achieved that even after 8 minutes of kneading.  Luckily for me, my mom lives near-by and she made loaf bread for years.  So if I have epic kitchen fail #2, it’s mom to the rescue!

Of course, John doesn’t understand why I just won’t go get a loaf of bread for him.  It’s 1.50$ in his memory.  But, if you do the groceries, you know it isn’t $1.50 for a loaf of bread; it’s 1.99$ for horrible bread and 4$ for good stuff.  And since my family can destroy a loaf in a day, if I can achieve this then it will save us a good 10-15$ each month since I can make 3-4 loaves for less than 4$.

What recipes for bread do you use?  Do you have tips for a new-be?


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