My Mr. Fix-It

My husband is an artist when it comes to tools, gears and grease.  As he puts it, I came out of the womb knowing how to fix things.  Growing up, he’d snag toasters, blenders, and any other kitchen appliances that might “require” maintenance and take the whole thing apart, clean each piece and put it back together without ever using an instruction manual.  He’s precise, particular and diligent.

When my Kitchen Aid mixer started dripping grease into the bowl on a regular basis (yummy!) he was working so many hours and going to Fire School so it sat in a closet and I went out and bought the cheapest replacement I could find.   He called Kitchen Aid and they would fix it if we shipped it (over 100$) and then with all the busy-ness he just couldn’t spend the time to find out what was wrong.

So, last week, I was randomly searching the internet for things and it occurred to me to Goggle a leaky Kitchen Aid.  Shazam!!  This is the beautiful thing I found!  So, I ordered the grease and told John I was going to fix it.  Now, I have no repairman skills whatsoever, so he immediately took matters into his own hands.  A short hour later, he had degreased all parts, replaced the new grease and re-assembled everything.  Now, I get to make my bread in my beautiful mixer again!


3 thoughts on “My Mr. Fix-It

  1. Yay!!! Now start searching craigslist for kitchenaid attachments! My 3 set: slicer, strainer, grinder is on my machine constantly! I’ve sliced potatoes for chips, ground stale toasted bread for bread crumbs, strained cooked apples for canning apple sauce and grind my own fresh meat often!!! It is by far the attachments I use most!

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