Mission Accomplished

I’m not good at remembering things.  Names.  Places.  You name it.  I don’t even rightly remember my wedding anniversary OR how old I am.  So it’s pretty frequent when I see something I want to do, have or say, and then forget it in the timeframe before actually doing, having, or saying.  And then I remember after the opportunity has passed.

Well, for once, a trifecta of remembrance, opportunity and ability allowed me to do something I have been wanting to do for over a year.  I had seen it, I’m sure, on Pinterest forever ago, and thought to myself, One day, I have to remember to do that.  Well, one day came.  And not only did it come but I remembered and it wasn’t so formal an event that I would be embarrassed by it too much.  So, here’s my mission:  accomplished.


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