Mr. Grinch

One of my all time favorite Christmas shows from childhood is the animated version of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”.  I love the story, the song (I wouldn’t touch you with a 39 and a half-foot pole!), the characters…all of it.  I remember watching it and waiting for the Grinch to grow a heart, making him suddenly a kind and wonderful creature, racing to return all the goodies he stole.

It’s a funny feeling, but I swear I feel my heart do the same thing…a cartoonist somehow captured in a corny way the my heart has felt at various times.  The growing heart…the whole shiny, glowing from the inside, feeling like your on top of the world.  I’ve felt it when I stood at the altar with my husband saying our vows, hearing each of our kids’ cry for the first time, and all the various random moments as they have grown, standing in worship in church and for even just a moment, forgetting my kids around me, all is still and it’s truly just the Lord and I.  It’s a weight, heavy upon my chest, catching my breath at a chubby hand in mine, or a sweep of eyelashes on a check, making my whole body warm for a minute, squeezing out any thought but that one moment.  The feeling fades quickly, but not the effects.  I walk away from the moment with a heart just slightly bigger, encompassing a bit more, wondering will there come a day when I break the frame?  And what will happen if I do?

You know what?  It would be awesome to find out.


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