Abba, Father!

In our exploration of the third chapter of Becoming God’s True Woman, we explore God’s role, title and heart of Father.  She shares the growing popularity amongst women of either choosing to have children or adopting them without a father in the home.  She is not talking of marriages that tragically end in divorce and have children, or young widows who suddenly find themselves alone, but of single women who chose to remain single and have children.  There is inside many women the heart of an eight year old daughter who had a problem-filled relationship with their own father.  And what has resulted is many think that the father role is not necessary for the raising of children.

There are many of us who have deep wounds from our fathers.  Earthly fathers aren’t perfect and there are some who use the position for great evil.  But the chapter gently directs us to the Perfect Father.  A deep, heart-felt relationship that is full of all the nobility, gentleness, leadership, love, compassion, mercy, and justice that we can ever think of.  Every heroic father story we have ever heard in the news or has been put upon the silver screen are mere echoes of what we find in God, our Father.  As women ourselves, and for the next generation we are raising, we must be rooted deeply in the relationship that we have from God Himself to cry out, Abba, Father! (Rom 8:15)

“Father” is the most significant name of the God of the Bible. It is the name that sets Christianity apart from all the other religions of the world. Other religions invite us to worship their gods, allahs, creators, or metaphysical forces, but Christianity invites us to believe in a Son and to enter into an intimate family relationship with a loving Father.

DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (2008-10-31). Becoming God’s True Woman (Kindle Locations 699-702). Good News Publishers/Crossway Books. Kindle Edition.


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