Sleeping Beauty

Occasionally I haunt my children while they sleep with a camera. It’s one of the few times, with their faces relaxed and silliness gone for a moment, that I can still see the baby face and see the coming features of my young men and lady. Time is racing by even as each day can slow to a crawl. I am both saddened by the coming end of my kids as little ones, and yet thrilled and eager to see what the coming ages bring.

It’s a new season of raising kids…gone are the diapers, strollers, baby toys and baby-proofing. It’s best friends, crushes, jokes, and constant questions instead. It’s sleep-overs, play dates without me, and “Can I do chores for some money”? Yet, in the quiet of the night, with all my sleeping beauties dreaming…I can still hear the baby giggles, cries and the happy sounds of their snuggles. Sleep, little beauties, sleep.


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