Rub a Dub Dub

I’ve gone crazy.  Truly.  Why else would I make up excuses to take a shower just so I can use my new, totally awesome, sumptuous soap?  And a homemade soap at that!!

No, I didn’t make it.  I’m not that adventuresome.  Partly because I don’t understand scents.  I mean, if I want it to smell like vanilla then I’d just need vanilla extract or oil right?  No way.  It’s a fine science of what to blend and in just the right concentrations so the top note stays on top with the middle and base notes making a symphony.  It involves a whole lot more experimentation than I truly want to participate in.

But, I do love nice smelling soap.  I’ve cheated myself a lot over the last few years…just getting whatever was pennies after coupons and BOGO deals instead of getting the yummy stuff from Bath and Body Works or such.  Enter my very well-intentioned friend, who in her excitement of her most recent soap shipment, allowed me to sniff.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I totally had to buy a few off of her right then and there.  Luckily for me (and unlucky for my wallet) she gets the stuff through a woman who makes it and sells it through Facebook co-ops. I requested into the group and started looking at all the amazing stuff she makes.  Soaps, lotion bars, body butter, everywhere spray, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner and perfumes.  All in amazing scents or you can make up your own and add things like ground loofah to your soap bar to make it scrubby!  I’ve got a ton of it coming my way…

So…if you need me…I’m in the tub!


Getting it done

I love checking off tasks.  It’s so rewarding to have things that have been in your mind to do and finally get them accomplished.  Sometimes, well, most of the time, things that involve organization or a bit of diligence get pushed aside by the clammering of my kids and their need for clean undies, the complaint there’s no food in the house, or a (gasp!) cockroach in my kitchen which MUST be destroyed and then all surfaces disinfected.  And, as an aside, when you live in Florida, cockroaches don’t necessarily mean your dirty but rather it’s a space out of the rain.  Not that the knowledge keeps me from cleaning anyway.  So, here’s a few tasks off my list…

-The breakfast menu.  I’ve had this idea for weeks, but well, sitting and typing it and making sure the menu items were in the house was just daunting for some reason.  I’m a product of morning person corrupted by prior night shift work, which means I’m no longer a natural 6 am riser (happily) and I’m not a night owl either.  I am happy at 8am.  My kids are happy, cheerful, noisy and hungry at 6:30-7:00.  And my oldest is now far enough along in her cooking experience to get everyone breakfast without too much input from me, if she has a menu to work from.  Which makes for a happy 8am Mommy.  Today was the first day it was implemented and it made for a smooth morning for all.

-Food.  Isn’t this a normal task I have to fill?  HA.  We tried (unsuccessfully, I might add), to reduce this month’s food budget to stretch a few dollars.  Everyone has been crabby about it.  In 2 days I’ve been to 3 different grocery stores to replenish what’s been consumed by locusts and it feels really good to hear everyone’s happy chatter about the juice, cereal bars, breads, and pretzels.

-Supplies.  I make my own dishwashing soap, laundry soap and all-purpose cleaners.  It’s not a huge chore to do but not one I’m loving to do so it feels enormous.  All batches have been replenished and renewed and I’m eyeing my floor cleaner depletion so that will be next.

-Reflection.  Odd task but one that I often can’t get any of if it’s not on a task list somewhere.  I got a chance to get away this morning and utilized the time in prayer and reflection on what God’s done and some of the changes coming my way.  Nothing gives greater hope for the unknown stuff coming than looking back at all the ways God has brought you through.  It’s good to remember.

I’ve still got quite a few tasks; one of which I’m avoiding like the plague (organizing my kitchen).  But, if nothing else gets accomplished today, then I’m happy with it.  There’s always tomorrow.


I love Thursday morning when John is home.  One of his jobs requires him to be at work at 7am, while the other one he gets home at 8am (and goes to bed) so the morning that the two schedules switch; he’s here with me.  And this morning, he had plans to build a skateboard with the kids so I had the chance to get away to a quiet place.  I live near the island I grew up on (no, there’s no beach).  There’s a nice little park tucked away that is typically deserted except for boaters and kayakers.  I got to sit at the rocky edge of the sound and just be.  No demands.  Just prayer and praise and reflection on things past and thinking on things to come.  It was quiet and still for much of the time, the occasional mullet leaping out of the water and the fishing birds hunting their breakfast.  Towards the end of my prayer time I got to see a special treat; dolphins playing in the sound.  The Pine Island Sound is maybe 5 feet deep at high tide, although there are a few channels running through it to open water.  I’ve not seen a pod in the shallows that I can remember, but they were having a fun time racing and chasing the fish.  They delighted me and a group of kayakers making the most of a still morning on the water.  It seemed the perfect way to end such a beautiful moment with creation.