Gut check

Ouch. This week’s chapter in Becoming God’s True Woman was just a wee bit painful. There were many things that God used in there to reveal some hidden sins, pride and a lack of relying upon Jesus’ finished work in my daily life. I’m not going to get into them all, since we’d be here for a long time. I, yet again, encourage you to grab the book. It’s not a difficult read, although it is a gut check read. There are many good points, too many for me to go into. This is just an ongoing “what has jumped out to me” post.

One of the biggest gut checks for this chapter was found in a tiny paragraph that I almost missed. It’s something that many may know of my life, and others may not. This is one of the easiest traps I find myself in, as for much of my marriage my husband has had the weighty responsibility of providing for us in a difficult economy, which has thus far necessitated long work weeks, often during corporate worship times. It has also severely limited his opportunities for any bible studies or discipleship. Because I am home, with many hours to connect with other women and a few more opportunities his sacrifices have provided, I find myself many times thinking I have more biblical understanding than him. This is the reminder this chapter gave me:

It’s easy for women who are sensitive to the Lord, involved in Bible studies, growing spiritually, and even teaching the Word to others to feel they are more qualified to lead than their husbands and even their pastors. When we communicate this sense of spiritual superiority, we strip men of the motivation to fulfill their God-given calling to provide leadership for their families and for the family of God. If we as women want to fulfill God’s purposes for our lives, we must be willing to relinquish control and let God lead through the men he has placed in positions of authority.

DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (2008-10-31). Becoming God’s True Woman (Kindle Locations 1050-1054). Good News Publishers/Crossway Books. Kindle Edition.

In all things, I must be ready to back off and let my husband lead. This doesn’t mean I am silent on the knowledge God has given my, but rather to remember that “the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. (Jam 3:17) This prevents nagging, bragging, rudeness, anger, and the pride of being right or making decisions. It’s instead using what information I have to help make my man successful, in whatever endeavors he may have. And I cannot be reminded enough that being his helper is my God-given role and by doing so I am glorifying my God.


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