Pretty little things

It’s hot. While some in the country are starting to enjoy cooler evenings, we are still hanging out in the 90’s. So while I pin all the cute fall clothes I see, I’m still a good 2 months away from wearing them.

In this heat, tank tops are my ultimate friend. I’m not a big fan of shorts or skirts, so a tank top helps me get through summer. The only major inconvenience with them is showing your bra strap. Strapless just doesn’t work for me, so I’ve just dealt with my strap showing. But it isn’t pretty. And, like most gals, pretty ranks kinda high. So, it occurred to me to look for a new bra with a pretty, lacy strap that I don’t mind showing a bit. Apparently I have hit on a new idea since I looked through several websites (including a few french and italian ones) for such a product. I’m sure someone makes them somewhere, but I couldn’t find one that had what I was looking for. So, I got crafty.

With a little lace purchase and a few minutes hand-tacking it to the straps, I have something I think will work quite nicely. I am sure you could use a sewing machine but my lace was pretty delicate so I didn’t want to risk it. Since this was a bra I already owned, my out-of-pocket cost was $2.50 for a yard and a half of lace. Not bad. Now my habitual summer tank top obsession can be just a bit prettier.


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