Plunder Egypt

And the LORD had given the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they let them have what they asked. Thus they plundered the Egyptians.
(Exodus 12:36 ESV)

For many months, our church has been working through Exodus. It’s been a wonderful book showing the extreme lengths God will go to in saving His people.  God has shown countless things to me through it, probably far fewer than others have gleaned but I’m sitting with 3 squirmy kids so any tidbit I can capture is a treasure.  This one has been stuck in my head for a while.

As my Pastor gave voice to evacuation of the Israelites in Egypt, he paused on this idea of the people of God plundering the Egyptians.  See, there’s a vast gulf between these two groups.  You’ve got Egypt: riches beyond compare, educated, vast, full of worldly conquests and strange gods.  You’ve got the people of Israel:  slaves.  And through all the wonders of God they now have their freedom.  But God isn’t satisfied with just their freedom.  No.  In the Egyptians’ anxiousness for them to leave, they give them all manner of livestock, silver and gold as they go.  Here, here, take it, take it all, just GO!  So they do.  As slaves, they have no possessions, nothing with which to claim for themselves.  Those that have had nothing, now have more than they can carry!  What a picture of our God!  How He orchestrates everything.  But what sticks to me is how the people of God can re-claim the very things that were used for evil, sinfulness, and selfishness and use them to God’s great purpose.  Plunder Egypt!  Take those very things and use them for service and glory of God!

Doesn’t it give hope to the hardships?  Doesn’t it give purpose to all manner of mundane or difficult things if you can turn it to the praise of God?  I’ve walked through several such times, things dark and sad and full of evil.  Being brought into the family of God as an older teen, I chose several such painful paths myself.  But even those God has used later in my life to provide a word of encouragement to others or to see His hand of mercy in bringing me to salvation.  The same God who rescued the people of Israel and brought them out of bondage is the same God who can rescue you from your sins (slavery) and bring you into His own family (riches in Christ).  He is faithful.


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