Questionable Green Thumb

It’s questionable whether my veggies will make it to the end.  But, I’m fighting for it.  Everything has successfully sprouted in my containers.  I transplanted my plug-started tomato and baby bell peppers without any problem.  And, amazingly enough, I have been able to keep powdery mildew and chewing bugs away.  The trouble?  Nutrients and over-sun exposure and wind damage.  I love the fact that I can move my plants around to find the best growing conditions.  There’s two problems though.  The first being more than 10 hours of sunlight on 3/4 of my house.  Obviously, even full sun plants will wither in such full on heat.  But those locations are the ones that get some shield from the relatively constant afternoon wind.  Thus, a few of my green been branches have broken from the constant bend.  I have moved them to the patio with my lettuce, (which needs greater cool hours) to help protect them some.  The patio gets about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight, so they have been a bit revived there.

My other problem is nutrients.  All my seed packages recommend fertilizer at bloom but I’m beginning to see that isn’t good enough for containers as all the nutrients drain from the container with each watering.  Hoping I’m not too late in replenishing them, I bought a fertilizer that is a controlled release, non-burning feeder.  It says it’s good for 4 months but if it feeds for 2 weeks I will be happy.

I’m still a good 3-4 weeks away from beginning to harvest lettuce leaves and green beans, longer for the peppers, tomatoes and carrots…but I am hoping to yield a harvest from them all.  It’s been an ongoing learning process, even on such a small scale, but I am hoping to figure out some of the majors before going big…like fruit tree big.  Because that is the next adventure.


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