Sneak Peek into Classical Conversations

I rarely buffet readers with more than one post a day…we all have our own lives to live out there and distractions are many…but I wanted to pass along a great opportunity for anyone curious about what Classical Conversations can look like.  Most of the structure for elementary and middle school ages revolve around a substantial chunk of memorization of facts, details and subjects that can be taught a variety of ways from reviewing them with your kids, listening to it via audio in the car or during chores or watching online with the CC Community.  I usually default to the CC Community and the audio via the car.

For a short time, CC is offering all a chance to get a sneak peek into the online CC community.  If it at all interests you, please take a few minutes and browse around. There are a great number of resources there, from both CC and it’s curriculum, to fellow mom’s who have put together games, songs, etc to help kids remember the work.  Enjoy!


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