All things fall

This is the time of year our weather doesn’t jive with the mood.  Everywhere I go, grocery shopping, poking around Target, Starbucks, there is a plethora of fall-ishness.  And I am a lover of fall.  The colors, the crisp mornings, the stews and soups that warm you from the inside out, the boots, and sweaters.  And yet, I live in Sunny Florida…which is still roasty toasty at 90 degrees.  But even here, there is a subtle change and it happened over Labor Day weekend.  The mornings and evenings here have gotten a few degrees cooler.  The wind is just a bit stronger and there’s a marked difference in humidity.  Just enough to make me know that my favorite time of year is just around the corner.

In honor of that time, we’ve fallen off the pumpkin wagon.  Is there anything that says fall like pumpkins?  I’ve made this sumptuous pumpkin bread and hubby’s bought Dunkin’s pumpkin coffee for our Keurig.  I would seriously please said husband if I made a pumpkin pie, as it’s one of his favs, but no one else eats it so it makes him sick after eating the whole thing.  There’s even a divine pumpkin curry soup that I love.

What are your favorite fall memories or recipes?  I know for many in the northern US, you are truly entering into full fall; cool nights, t-shirt weather days with sun and no sweating, and seeing the leaves just start to turn colors.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen it; and unfortunately my children never have yet, but I’m hoping in the very near future to take a little road trip so they can see what beauty and majesty can come in the heart of fall.  Enjoy!


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