Change is in the air.  Well, ok, maybe not the air so much, but it’s floating around in my mind.  In so many areas of my life, I can see it coming.  Not in a threatening, hostile way, but the eager anticipation of adventure.

The first coming is our “season”.  Being in Florida, we have a snow-bird season.  And hubby and I are preparing for it.  He works in the local hospital ER as a technician and overtime abounds during the season.  This is good news as we are slowly digging our way out of some considerable consumer debt.  This flurry of work will necessitate longer times apart but we could be half-way to our goal by the end of it.  The idea of being that much closer to debt-free is an exciting change for us, as we have never been without it in the whole course of our marriage.

My “mom” stage is changing.  More and more, I’m seeing independence in my kids’ chores, needs etc.  I don’t have to make every meal or snack.  They can all use the potty. I can exercise around the park while they play inside it. They can clean their own toy messes and do household chores.  Gone are my days of one woman crew and now are the days of managing the crew.  All of this opens greater opportunities to be used by God for my kids but also outside my home since delegation will replace exhaustion.  Will God bring Bible Study?  Discipleship opportunities?  Service in the church?  A kind of at-home employment that will not pull me away from my family or homeschooling but provide personal challenge?  I am eager for these adventures!

I don’t mean to imply I regret or was dissatisfied with the stage before.  Each stage has its own joys, sorrows and lessons learned.  But seeing so much on the horizon has me thinking of the adventures beginning.  I don’t know what it will all be and I won’t always see the danger zones…so lessons will still be learned.  Sorrows will still be there.  But I’m determined to enjoy the ride and let God take me where He will.



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