I love Thursday morning when John is home.  One of his jobs requires him to be at work at 7am, while the other one he gets home at 8am (and goes to bed) so the morning that the two schedules switch; he’s here with me.  And this morning, he had plans to build a skateboard with the kids so I had the chance to get away to a quiet place.  I live near the island I grew up on (no, there’s no beach).  There’s a nice little park tucked away that is typically deserted except for boaters and kayakers.  I got to sit at the rocky edge of the sound and just be.  No demands.  Just prayer and praise and reflection on things past and thinking on things to come.  It was quiet and still for much of the time, the occasional mullet leaping out of the water and the fishing birds hunting their breakfast.  Towards the end of my prayer time I got to see a special treat; dolphins playing in the sound.  The Pine Island Sound is maybe 5 feet deep at high tide, although there are a few channels running through it to open water.  I’ve not seen a pod in the shallows that I can remember, but they were having a fun time racing and chasing the fish.  They delighted me and a group of kayakers making the most of a still morning on the water.  It seemed the perfect way to end such a beautiful moment with creation.

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