It’s such a mundane word.  Helper.  If someone is to describe me I’d much rather have funny or bold or dynamic…but helper?  It just seems so….not enough.  Maybe that is why I can chafe in my God-given role as helper to my spouse.  It just seems so…blah.  Shouldn’t I be more?

Deep down, the fault of it all is my poor understanding of what a helper is.  I think, Oh, I just helped him do it.  And it seems so casual.  But, God has a much broader scope of what a helper is…and we women, myself included, should see what astounding model we have for it.

By addressing the Holy Spirit as a helper, Jesus forever elevated the position of the one who assists. Trace the Holy Spirit’s actions through the New Testament, and you’ll find the Spirit repeatedly encouraging, comforting, coming alongside, and helping. The work of the Holy Spirit, the Helper, is beautiful!

DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (2008-10-31). Becoming God’s True Woman (Kindle Locations 1836-1838). Good News Publishers/Crossway Books. Kindle Edition.

Woah.  How did I miss this connection?  I mean, I knew the Holy Spirit was identified by Jesus as the Helper.  But to connect the work He does to the work I do?  The helping/submitting relationship I have with my husband is not demeaning or mundane.  Just like the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people is vital and necessary for Jesus to be acknowledged and received, so is my work of helping and respecting my husband.  His success is my success.  It is my deeply fulfilling role to do what is necessary to make my husband successful.  Not in our Americanized view of wealth and possessions (although we are to manage wisely such things), but in the success of knowing God, making Him known and cultivating growth in my spouse. In helping my husband gain favor in the eyes of God and of man (Luke 2:52).  It is the delight of the Spirit to point us to the Son and the delight of the Son to bring us to the Father.

May this be me for my husband!  May it be my goal to delight in serving, helping and loving him; and through it, knowing I’m serving and obeying my God.



Only a few years after my high school conversion, I was dropped smack dab in a wonderful growing godly environment, ironically at a secular state college.  It was through Campus Outreach that I began to learn how to read God’s Word, apply it to my life, pray, share Christ and grow.  Mission trips and fellowship and discipleship opportunities abounded and I am forever grateful for both the ministry that group gives and what it gave me specifically.

It was through this group I met my first discipler.  She was open, honest, and very gifted with the ability to know when to listen and when to speak.  And when she spoke, her words were few but wise.  And I’ve been hearing her voice in my head all week as I wrestle with some of those changes I see coming.

 It’s hard sometimes to figure out what you should do.  Yes, there are specific things biblically you know God has a definitive view on and there are many principles that can be applied to help know the will of God in a situation.  But sometimes, after wading through your best guesses about the future, and the extent of your knowledge of God’s Word and godly counsel, you just have to make a choice.  I remember my discipler telling me, years ago:

God’s will is not a tightrope.  He gives you the tools and wisdom you need to make a decision and then sometimes leaves you to decide.  If it’s not His will for you to do something, trust Him to close the door.  As long as you are looking to Him, He will guide your steps.

This was, and still is, a freeing thought.  To know that I can’t mess up His plans for my life, that even what I would call a bad choice, He has/can/will use it for His glory and purpose.  His will for my life is not a narrow, tiny rope that I can tumble off of.  It’s a path, a narrow road.  I have to choose to leave it.  And even in choosing to do so, I’m not outside His ability to control. If He can use Pharaoh of Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar, the jealous brothers of Joseph, and Judas of Iscariot to further His glory and purpose when they didn’t believe, then why would I think that He can’t guide my steps?  And yet, sometimes, like now, I have to remind myself that.  Both of my options look, to my eyes, as a possible godly choice.  Neither is prohibited, both acceptable and could each in its way, grow me in different areas.  Which to choose?  I’m not sure.  But I know His will isn’t a tightrope and He has me in safely in His hands.

Creative words

I remember being told as a kid that cussing was laziness in using words.  That we get stuck on 4 or 5 bad phrases and then use them for every stubbed toe or person who cuts us off in traffic.  I didn’t believe it then…cussing was a novelty.  But, after being exposed to a number of well turned phrases…well, now I do.  For example, here’s a few from the current fictional books I’m reading:

“Egg-sucking son of a porcupine!”

“Turd eating son of a flying tortoise!”

I love these.  I love the creativity of it.  It’s funny.  And it is so much more satisfying than just saying the popular phrases.  Granted, I don’t walk around saying things much, but I would love to have a few good detailed phrases to use while I’m mowing two lots worth of foot tall grass in 90 degree heat!  Just to help get through it!

In a quirk of providence, I found this on Pinterest.  It’s hilarious to do and I hope I can remember a few so I can use them on the grass or when I next step on a Lego.