New Horizons

It’s been a few weeks that I’ve vaguely spoken of changes on the horizon. Most of which is a direct response to seeing some mile-marker moments in the raising of my kids…abilities they can do which frees me for more moments of independent work. I mean, I can blog. While they are awake! I can clean much of the house while they are doing their worksheets. And, just this week, my youngest, Jake, learned how to swing himself on the swings. I’m officially a mom of kids, not babies.

But that is not all the changes that are coming. One very large one was a decision I had to pray through, get some counsel on and just meditate over. I had been given an opportunity to stretch myself in a mode of employment that would not necessarily take me greatly from my kids, falls in line with our hopes and goals of home education, and gives me avenues to be used of God to help others. It seemed like a no brainer but I didn’t want to be hasty. So, after much prayer, gathering information, weighing the pros and cons in light of the Word of God…I am excited to say I am, Lord willing, the new Classical Conversations Director for our area of Cape Coral! Our local community in Fort Myers has reached its maximum and a new community is needed. I am thrilled to be able to work with my kids, since this position does not require any away time from them and their schooling. I’m excited to be able to provide a measure of relief financially for my spouse…while very modestly priced in fees…3 kids and materials adds up. As my income depends on the number of students, I’m not sure what it will be, but am confident my children’s tuition will be covered. And the cherry on the top is being able to be used greater for God in my community.

So, it’s a whole new horizon! It doesn’t begin officially until next school year but this year begins my planning and prepping. I’m watching my own CC Director like a hawk to get ideas and helps. I know there’s going to be a lot of failures to be had but if through it I can be an encourager to other parents and be an avenue for the Gospel to be preached to kids…then to God be the glory!!


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