Eat it

Today I enjoyed the first fruits of my garden in a true meal.  I’ve had a few lettuce leaf trimming here and there but for lunch today I got to have a full salad with nothing but the lettuce leaves from my re-purposed sandbox.  The tomatoes, bell peppers and carrots are still growing; nothing yet there to harvest, although they are doing great!  My green beans had to be pulled and restarted.  After a few significant rainstorms and being hit with a ball by my children…well, they could no longer make it.  But, I have more seeds and have already started the next round…hopefully I will be able to keep my boys away and build some support trellis for them.  Even though they are officially bush beans and don’t need it, I think it will help them with our continuous afternoon winds and rains (not to mention my whirlwind boys).

Green thumb?  Not naturally, but I’m learning.


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