Late at night, as the events of the day trickle through my mind, I’m often confronted with my failures in raising my children in a way that glorifies God.  Too many times there is no delight or joy in the work of my hands at home, or my discipline of situations is world-based, not gospel-based.  And they see it.  Like all of us, more is caught than taught.  I can instruct in righteousness, but it is my example that will remain with them far longer than the words I speak.

While there were many practical things in my chapter this week about raising daughters, this is the crux of what has been impressed upon me.  And it isn’t new information.  But it causes me to evaluate, confess sin, and remember the gospel is for more than salvation.  It’s not just the truth of great sinners need a great Savior, but of sanctification, continual repentance and increasing in the faith that I don’t deserve. This is what I want my children to see in me.  Not perfection. I want them to see God’s grace, His forgiveness, and His constant help every step after we profess belief.  If they see me grumbling over house-work, I want them to see me praying for grace.  If I’m snappy with them, I want to humbly come to them and confess my sins, asking their own forgiveness.  This is what will roll in their minds as they grow older.  The out working of the Gospel in my life will impact them far more than any intellectual head knowledge I can give them.  And I can’t be that transparent, or keep in the front of my mind its importance on my own strength.  It’s only through His grace I can be the example He wants me to be for my children.


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