Oh, Honey!

My long-awaited apple has finally arrived here in SW Florida.  My all time favorite, the best for eating and baking….the Honeycrisp.  We only get them a short time and they cost a lot in comparison to others during this season, but it’s money well spent in my book.  This is the time I have been waiting for…all my prior canning jams and butters have been just a test and teaser for these fabulous apples.  So with a happy heart did I plunk down my cash for 5lbs of these babies, along with a bag of cranberries, to make some yummy cran-apple butter.  Yummy stuff…just tart enough to give you that twinge in the back of your jaw…know what I mean?  I processed all my jars and went to pull them out….to see that my jar contents had over-boiled the head space and all jars didn’t seal.  I was quite upset, fearful that water had gotten into the jars and ruined the butter, but after cooling I could open them and see that they were salvageable.  I have all jars in the fridge now and they need to be eaten in 3 weeks…which means a lot of bread that needs to be baked, but that’s a hardship I can handle!  Tonight’s menu….breakfast with waffles and cran-apple butter!  Yum!

-If you plan on using this recipe, it does not specify the head space for your jars.  I would recommend 1 inch…as my 1/2-3/4 inch was not adequate.


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