Foodie Adventures

You have to understand something about me and food.  I’m the direct descendant of “cook for yourself” from about 10 years old.  As I have mentioned before, my wonderful, patient mother finally gave up and just let us make our own dinners after years of fighting picky eaters.  Needless to say, my 10 year and older diet for dinners pretty much consisted of whatever I could make out of a box.  Or the freezer.  If it had good stuff in it, it was buried deep under all the bad.

I say all this so you can understand how far I’ve come.  I often make my own homemade bread.  I’m canning fruit spreads and jams.  Typically my only freezer boxed items are chicken nuggets for the kids.  Don’t get me wrong; for the real foodies out there I’m still on the evil side of the tracks…I don’t buy organic, I love sugar and I have a steady diet of high fructose corn syrup.  But, we can count one more thing on the I tried it and I liked it! list.

Acorn squash.  Never had any before.  In fact, I think last year was the first year I realized all those funny pumpkin-like squashes were stuff you eat.  You mean they aren’t just for fall decoration?  Anyway, I’ve seen these wonderful looking acorn squash recipes on Pinterest and tonight I decided I would try one.  I went with this one, but made so many modifications I might as well have made my own.  I don’t have quinoa in my house so I used brown rice.  I don’t know what a leek is…it looks vaguely like some relative of a green onion which isn’t one of my favs so I just omitted it.  And, fresh herbs are never found in my kitchen so I just used a dried Italian Spice blend.  I felt it needed some Ommph! so I crumbled goat cheese on top (another first for me).  All in all, a very yum dinner for myself!  It is a savory recipe and I think next time I might add a zing of sweetness…maybe a sprinkle of dried craisins on top!


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