Lessons in geography and love

My mom has been on a Kentucky touring trip with her sisters for a week now.  It’s been hard on my kiddos as they typically see her every other day in some form or fashion.  The idea of her being away for 2 weeks causes many moans as each morning they say they want to see Nana and I remind them of where she is.

Quite unplanned, I happened on a fun way to keep my oldest engaged in what my mom is doing several states away.  Both educational and fun, it is keeping her connected with her Nana.  Each morning Sabrina sends a text to Nana…giving her some technical savvy and great lessons in spelling.  And Nana texts back where she is and what is the highlight of the day.  We then take her location and locate it on a map of Kentucky I printed out and follow along all the places she is going.  Sabrina is getting to see how a map works, learning little tid-bits about some obscure places in Kentucky and learning how to send text messages appropriately. But most of all, she’s learning how much her Nana loves her and that distance doesn’t change the fact that all her grandkids are rooted deep in her heart.


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