Love one another

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.
(Romans 12:10 ESV)

It’s one of those days that shows scripture in action.  And I love that it’s being shown by my kids.  My youngest, sick with the viral bug I had two weeks ago (and still lingers), has been a snotty, coughing, froggy-voiced mess.  Depending upon the medications in his system or the fever, he fluctuates from having energy to play or curled up like a slug staring aimlessly off into space.  After breakfast, I found him slug-like on the floor.  Wrapping him up and taking advantage of the brief chance to cuddle him, I decided that a trip to Redbox for a few movies would make for a good sick at home day.  While I was gone, my oldest two decided that to help Jake feel better, they would build him a great train track so he could play it when he felt better and watch it when he didn’t.  My living room is a disaster with their efforts, but seeing the smile on Jake’s face while he goes from watching his Thomas movie to playing with the trains is more than worth a clean room.


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