By God’s grace, I have finally found contentment living in Florida.  I share amongst others I know the general hostility to this very large sand trap.  Flat, humid, tree-less, and unbearably hot for 8 months out of the year; the best thing going for it is pools, beaches and tans.  If you like that sort of thing.  Not really my boat, you know?  I like rolling scenes, giant trees, and actual seasons.  I love basements.  And for years, my like-minded husband and I have tried to get somewhere else.  Alaska (my hubby’s choice), Texas, Colorado, North Carolina…we’ve looked.  And every door closed.  And I wrestled with this for a long time.  Why some can just say Oh, let’s go somewhere else! and without any apparent effort, sell their house, find a better job elsewhere and pick up and cross that state line.  And then there are others, like myself, who, for whatever God’s purposes, are denied the sale of their home, any job in another state, and can only cross the state line for vacation.

What changed my heart on it all?  God.  As I sat in church service one day, the astounding thought came to me that never once have I asked God where HE wants us. I have looked at a million other points, even godly ones, but never just what He wanted.  Talk about a grievous error on my part.  And as I have already seen, His answer is here. This place that I think is too hot, not kid friendly enough, boring and generally bland in scenery.  Because this is where He wants me.  My family.  And for whatever reasons that may be as days, weeks, years unfold…knowing it’s where He wants me is enough to bring contentment and joy.  I’ll still wrestle with it as I watch temperatures climb come March, but by His grace I’ll keep remembering that I’m where He wants me.


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