Monday’s book blog

To continue the non-fiction reading, I have been diligently searching through some titles to find something godly, challenging and conversable.  Nothing worse than a book that doesn’t promote comments or some soul-searching.  And it couldn’t be a thousand pages long…being that I’m not a strong non-fiction reader, I need the attainable goal of shorter books and shorter chapters.

So, all that said, I believe I have found the next book to work through on Mondays.  The book is Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in the Light of God’s Everything by Anonymous.  It can be found for Kindle here and is just shy of 9$.  Amazon also sells it paperback should you prefer an actual book in hand.  I do believe the book will be a challenging stab in the heart and if you wish to get a summary review on it, then hop on over here where Tim Challies gives a great one.

See ya next Monday, ready with some contemplations over the first chapter.  Happy reading.


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