Approaching Holiday School Hours

I can’t believe I’m wrapping up the first semester of Classical Conversations in another week.  Ruff House Academy will be officially entering into our holiday school hours.  It’s one of the perks of homeschooling year-round…knowing that should family vacations or need arise, I have the ability to work in a few random weeks of light school work.  For my eldest, math, reading, writing (themes!) will take center stage. Isaac will continue his phonics and Lord willing, we will be at a point he can read a few short sentences at Christmas time.  His penmanship will get an overhaul using bible verses about being thankful and the story of Jesus as we approach Christmas.  I’m gearing up for some Thanksgiving projects and Christmas projects that will help carry the season into our education.

As we are entering our “outdoors” season, I’m looking forward to doing some nature exploration outside to review what we’ve learned in our CC science work.  I love being able to take what they have memorized factually and show it out in the real world.

But most of all, I’m looking forward to extended times with family, friends, the cooking together, eating and sharing together.  Showing to my kids both the community of our extended families and the community and fellowship in our church.  It’s the opportunity, to the best of my meager ability, to build the rich tapestry of memories and traditions that will last their lifetime.  To stuff into their hearts practical learning, love, fellowship and togetherness until they are fit to burst with joy.  It’s going to be a wonderful time.


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