Jake’s Hedgehog

My 4-year-old, Jake, makes up names for everything.  Recently watching some cartoon talking about hedgehogs…he grabbed my rice sock (which is brown), ran to me, and proudly boasted it’s his new hedgehog and would I like to kiss it?  Of course, every mom knows if a 4-year-old comes to you with a sock claiming it’s his pet hedgehog you kiss it like it is one! He spent the rest of the day playing with it…the rice inside allowing him to shape it, roll it and yes, throw it.

But it got me thinking of a multi-purpose toy for all my kids.  You may have seen those lovely whatchamacallit’s at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond…the fabric tubes you can microwave and wrap around your neck to relieve tension and muscle cramps?  For like, 20$?  Yeah, my brown rice sock is my el cheapo version.  One old sock, whatever dry rice you have in the house, tie a knot at the top and microwave.  So I went to the dollar area of Target and got my kiddos some Christmas socks to make their own.  They can play with them, if they are cold they can warm it up and you can zap it before a chilly night to warm up the foot of the bed under the covers.  I particularly like it for the warm bed…I can never seem to get my feet warm on the chilly nights and it works great for it.

Pretty random I know, but hey, it saves money and gives the kids some hilarious fun.  And, it requires no sewing on my part.



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