Hair obsession

I have a hair obsession.  It’s been tamed down over the years but I have a love of changing my hair.  I could never quite get to long but mid-length, short, and in between…I’ve had a ton of styles.  A ton of colors too.  While young I had the pretty beach blond highlights that people spend way to much money to fake…but by college it all faded to a yucky ash light brown that basically just looked like muddy water.  Needless to say, I started coloring it and to this very day, my husband does not know what my natural color looks like.

But the haircuts.  Well, that started in high school when I went to my first “high-end” salon.  Being (gasp!) 15 years ago, the 60$ I shelled out that day was staggering, although that is no longer the cost these days for “high-end”.  My hair went from shoulder length to pixie that day and my love of a new hairstyle began.  When I drink coffee at Barnes and Noble, I’m perusing the latest hair magazine.  I would watch “What Not to Wear” just so I could see what Nick would do to their hair.  And for a very long time I have dreamed of some day going to a hair show or being a hair model just to see what they would do to mine.

Today my dream came true.  My fabulous sister-in-law cuts hair at a very nice salon in town.  She gives amazing cuts on her own, but imagine my excitement when she started asking around for hair models for a class being taught by someone with Vidal Sassoon.  He’s been cutting and teaching with them for more than 20 years.  I was swooning.  Luckily for me, she still needed a model.  Part of the sign up is the understanding that I don’t really get a say in what they do to my hair.  It kinda puts a gal off if she’s been growing her hair out for a few years!  But I’m not that girl!  So today, I got to watch an artist work.  I did lose a good 4-5 inches on the majority of my hair, but it’s awesome to see a cut I’ve never seen before, not in a magazine or on someone else.  It was truly a blast of an experience.

Here’s a few shots.  Of course, the salon kept the style smooth and sleek, which is not my favorite look personally, but you can see way more detail in the cut that way.  The very underneath is actually cut off completely and a layer lays over it.  And the fringe goes asymmetrically from ear to ear.  The wavy pic is more my style…I have a lot of natural body and I don’t usually fight it except in summer with crazy humidity.  


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