A candy Christmas

So this week I was getting a hankering for something Christmas.  I know.  I’m one of those sickos that totally skip Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas.  Still, my kids were begging for the tree, the lights and everything and it kinda got me in the mood for at least a little something to get through to our official decorating day.

I settled on wanting a wreath for my door outside.  So, coupon in hand for my local Michael’s, I loaded up the kids and we went hunting for our prize.  Disappointment! All the wreaths were a crazy price and even though I had found the cutest giant foam lollipops (1 for each kid), a candy garland and hot pink ribbon with gingerbread kids, I couldn’t stomach the cost of the wreath.  Luckily, inspiration struck in the checkout line as someone was buying a picture frame.  Yup.  A picture frame.  And fortunately for me, there was a perfect one on clearance for a third of the cost of a wreath.  I practically danced through the check out.

Voila!  My creation!  I had seen something similar somewhere on Pinterest using a picture frame, but I love the theme of candy in this.  It’s not too much Christmas too soon, and with three kids in my house, who doesn’t want candy?


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