Trees, lights and flus

It’s been crazy the last week or so.  My fabulous hubby came home early from his night work sick as can be and it’s not been right since.  I’m fairly sure we all ended up with the flu…and we are still not over it fully yet.  Of course, we all came down with it a day or two after each other so it has stretched out a very long time.

Amidst the coughs, body aches and fevers, I started decorating for Christmas.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and wanted to have the place decked out for the festivities, although I’m Christmas freak enough to put them up this early anyway.  I was quite amazed how drained, sore and horrible I felt after the work but that’s what I get for doing such while trying to get better.

Still, as it’s my favorite time of year and we’ve been blessed with an unusually early coolness for Florida (yes, 78 is cool), it has been wonderful to sip my coffee in the morning by light of the tree.  It’s been the talk of my kiddos as they are constantly looking at the ornaments, particularly the train ones for my boys.  The rule is they cannot touch them…but little Jake will sit on his knees and get eye level and so close his nose could touch it…but doesn’t.  He’s a train junkie like his big brother was at his age.

We look forward to feeling much better by the time Thanksgiving rolls around and I’m carefully dividing up my labors ahead of time to not exhaust myself.  So here’s to trees, lights and flus of the season!


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