Under the Big Top

Every year, the Cole Brother’s Circus comes to town the week before Thanksgiving.  We went when Sabrina was the only child, skipped a few years after Isaac and Jake were born, and last year my hubby took the big two while I stayed home with Jake.  This year, all three kids were old enough to go, so off we went.  Barely. With all of us still getting over the flu, it was a call made the day of.  I haven’t seen it in years…well, I think the last time I saw it was shortly after the tiger attacks on Siegfried and Roy and they had pulled out all the tiger acts for a while.

Not on tonight’s show! They had 9 tigers…including one white tiger.  And much to my children’s post-Madagascar 3 delight, they had them leaping through a ring of fire. There were clowns and acrobats.  Earth-pounding pachyderms, which my eldest two got to ride.

But I think our two favorite acts were the Thunderdrome (a trio of motorcross bikes in enclosed sphere no bigger than a bedroom and one of them was 11 years old!) and the final act…the human cannon ball.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

It was certainly a night of childhood memories under the big top!


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