Savoring Christmas

December is already creeping away.  This time of year is a strange blend of hustling and bustling with family and friends and then the quiet moments sipping coffee or hot chocolate by the tree.  At least for me, my days start that way; taking a moment to meditate on the reason we celebrate, the Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Holy One.  But then the day quickly spirals down into schoolwork, chores, play dates and dinner preparations and my good intentions of sharing scripture with my kids gets lost in the fray.

One way I’m trying to slow it all down is by reading Good News of Great Joy by John Piper.  Daily Advent readings can not only give us something upon which to meditate on during our quiet moments, but can give us the means by which we battle the greediness, commercialism and materialism that this time of year brings out in us and especially in our children.  It convicts when I over extend myself, calling me to a simpler outlook, one He would have for me.

This book, like so many of his, are found free on his site.  Take this opportunity to help yourself and your family savor Christmas.  The Holy One is come.


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