Favorite Things

I love wrapping gifts.  It’s one of the few practical things I learned in a college job.  I worked at a drug store in a tiny town.  This drug store was like none you’ve ever seen.  While it provided the prescriptive needs for its population; it also gave them access to silver necklaces, crystal, home decor and an entire section devoted to gift giving.  Baskets, gourmet delights, baby shower, wedding shower, all custom-made for you and either wrapped or shrink-wrapped before your very eyes.  That was my job.  Gift giving.  Gift wrapping.  Elaborate bow making.  I learned all the ins and outs of perfect wrapping and the art of display by the best the deep south has to offer.

While I rarely stress my wrapping skills now, Christmas time is a chance for me to bring them all out and make pretty things that don’t normally happen in my home.  My kids tend to get lost in my bows when unwrapping so I try not to spend time on theirs.  I mean, the art of crisp edges, perfect mitered corners and a nice ribbon get wasted on them.  And if you have to ship wrapped gifts, well, good luck on your nice puffy bow retaining its shape in its travels.  Enter in my new method of pretty things.  Doilies.  I saw this in a photo on Pinterest and thought whoever started this was brilliant.  First of all, what better use for doilies?  They are pretty puffs of paper lost under a tray of cookies or cupcakes.  Here, they take center stage in a modern gift-giving venue.  They are super cheap, come in many sizes and colors…and the white ones can double as a label on the gift.  They won’t get smashed in shipping and my kids won’t cry over not being able to get the bow off.  Truly.  This is one of my new favorite things.  And if I was still working in that little drug store in York, Alabama, I’d be showing it off to the southern belles there.  photo


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