Book Lovers Rejoice!

220043131765189826_w8vNSArT_cI love books.  I’m a huge fan of a good story, be it historic, romantic (with caution!), suspense, mystery, or sci-fi.  But, I have a big problem in never paying attention to authors.  As in, their names.  So I can find more well written books.  I’ll be googling the plot of a story to find the author’s name ten minutes before going to the library.  I know.  It’s a fundamental flaw for me.

Enter a new website that helps my problem.  Simply go here, type in either the author or the title of a book you like and it will spit out similar books to go try.  I’ve tried a few book titles to see if it works.  Yes.  It does.  But I haven’t figured out what the ties are between the books suggested: it could be just other female authors, or simply genre based or maybe some elaborate plot analysis.  Still, it gives me a place to start that is significantly less than say, all of Amazon.  Or all of the local library database.

So, if you are in a depression because your series just ended or you turned the last page in an epic and need a rebound novel…give it a whirl and see what comes up.  I certainly will be drawing up my next library list from there.


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