Thankful for the mess

My house is a disaster this morning. But what a happy disaster! I can’t help but reflect on the differences between last year and this. Last year, I missed out on all the holiday festivities due to a very painful illness that required me to be home and I was heavily drugged. Not only was I physically not present but my mental capacity was compromised. It took months for my physicians to figure out what was wrong with me, but thankfully, they did. But Christmas was long gone, those memories lost. This year I partook of everything. Multiple family events leading up to the day, reading scripture with my children, sharing with them the need of Jesus. Wrapping gifts and being there for the unwrapping. Cooking and baking and sharing. I got to be a part of it all. If you’ve ever missed out on it due to something similar…you can appreciate the wonder, the joy and the thankfulness to be a part of it again. So as I look around at all the chores to catch up on, the food to store, the house to de-decorate…I’m doing it with a full and joyous heart. God didn’t have to allow the doctors to figure it out and me healed to prove He is good. Jesus humbling Himself to the form of a man and dying on the cross for my sins is all the proof of His goodness I need. But I am thankful to have the mess to clean up and all the memories it reminds me of.

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