School is in Session!

Happy 2013! And for the Ruff House Academy, happy back to school day!  Yes, I’m the mean mother who makes her kids go back to school early.  After a significantly long, spotty school work season from Thanksgiving through Christmas, it’s time to get cracking!  Due to illness, holidays, field trips and just general hub-bub…my education goals did not get accomplished.  The nice thing about schooling year round is that is okay.  It just means a few less weeks off here and there.

securedownload (3)In light of the first day back and a fresh attitude on being regimented, I spent some time converting, officially, our playroom/school room/who-knows-what-it-is room into our school/task room.  Toys are out, all books, school work, art supplies and puzzles are in.  I have a place (gasp!) where I can sit and work on my own stuff in the same room, which will cut down on my wandering from room to room while I answer questions.  I am hoping that being in the same room, with my own workspace, there will be a greater flow of school work during our day with fewer interruptions.  Most of those interruptions I eagerly embrace as I have slight gypsy tendencies.  I’m the first one getting cabin fever and needing a quick look around Target!  But, part of my goal for school in this new fabulous year is blocking off my morning hours, 4 days each week for school.  Unfortunately for my younger kids it means no morning play dates or park dates.  While my afternoons will still be free, this is a huge adjustment for me.  Still, it will help my eldest be successful in her education and that is what we’re all about.  Parks and play will be there for the other 3 days each week and in afternoons!

What are some of your goals for the new year?



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